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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Inaugural National Alliance of Bloggers Meet - A PhotoBlog

KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday. Agence Salo Press (ASP) correspondent Mat Salo was on hand to to capture the indelible images of National Alliance of Bloggers, Bolehsian Chapter meet. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and who am I to argue?

Please go to
NAB Vice Prez Jeff Ooi, NAB Prez Rocky Bru, NAB Councilor sheih kickdefella and mStar for a more "masterful" coverage, of course.

For other various other coverage (s) please go to:

Vee Pee

NAB Council-liar and Poster Maker cum NAB Poster Boy

NAB Council-liar, An Impassioned I am a Malaysian

Another Council-liar, The Infamous Niamah.....

Lelaki Ameno Terakhir

In the Court of . . . Peter's Jesters

Queen of Expose's Sloone (fresh from Bangkok) - "Liar" Numero Uno?

Social Shots of the Band of Bloggers (Bolehsian Version)

Commentator par excellence "shar101" holding court (with cigarette)

Council-air-liors kickedefella and Tony Yew a.k.a. Allied-Marster

The Vee Pee and Council-liar Anu Radha a.k.a. Galadriel

Council-liars Anu and Walski of Asylum60 (myAsylum)

The ever wonderful Marina keeping watchful eye on Hubby - Big Dog for additional security detail...

Dato' Ron engaging kickdefella

Is that what I think it is? Somebody giving somebody "the finger"?

The big canine with a Jewish name

This blogger from Miri, seen with the inimitable Mees MAS, won't be "ANON" any longer I bet...

NAB Council-liar Zorro-Zorro Unmasked a.k.a. Bernard Khoo seen with the famous couple

Could this be . . . The Malay Male?

Show of Hands...

The Protem Dude and Dudettes (penembak badak and galadriel partly hidden)

The Band of "Liar" Females and The "Unemployed" of the Fairer Sex . . .

The fanta-bulous Trio - Undisputed Queens of "Unemployed Liars"

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