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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Celebrating H.U.T. - Dirgahayu R.I. ke 63

DARKENED RAINCLOUDS LOOMED Sunday morning over the vast dreary swamps of Kalimantan Timur where a rig called Yani was temporarily shut down.

Led by Liaison Officer Captain (Mariner) A. Mannan of the Indonesian navy, the crew assembled on the heli-deck to commemorate 'HUT' (pronounced 'hoot'), Indonesia's 63rd birthday, or - Hari Ulang Tahun - as they liked to call it.

Mat Salo ,being the sole Malaysian on board, was given the unenviable position of guest of honor, worthy of a Du-Bes (duta besar).

We quickly got the outdoor part over before the heavens opened (portend of things to come?), commencing to the galley below for a Lucky Draw; the door prizes donated by our respective companies.

By the way, I 'won' a rice-cooker. Now what in heaven's name shall I do with it?

Adjourning to galley below. . .

Drawing Straws for The Lucky Draw

A jubilant crew member - "I won a TV set!"

The Captain  & Me

The Captain & I

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