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Saturday, June 9, 2007

4 Dalil Kenapa Mat Salo . . . Vacation Edition

Four Reasons Why . . .

Mat Salo had to rush back from Indonesia recently - to take the "Four Reasons" for a quickie school vacation break. The Four Reasons, mainly (not in any particular order lest he be accused of favoritism): The only girl, the smaller boy, the bigger boy, and the better-half.

In line with Tengku Adnan's call, Mat Salo decided to spend his dollars in Penang, a small contribution on his part to Visit Malaysia Year '07.

More of "The Reasons" . . .

Along the way, off the beaten track is Parit Buntar's best-kept secret: "Shangri-La". Ask any salesman, Class A-F contractor in these parts and he will lead you to this joint. The food is superb, and the waitresses comely, some sporting dyed blond hair. Fuyoo!

To get here, northbounders to exit Taiping Utara interchange, go 30 KM past the sleepy town of Bagan Serai and enter town of Parit Buntar to your right. Go past some shops for about a kilometer and then look for a Shell station on the right. And right across it to your left is "heaven"! I kid you not.

The "Shang"

In contrast to the ladies above, no need to introduce you these mafiosi ladies below. They are helpers at the Tanjung Malim R & R. They do strike a mean pose don't you think?

Victoria Restaurant, Bukit Bendera, with fantastic 360-degree views of the island. And the food? Simply divine!

The Water-cum-Beach Babies, Kids and Adolescents

Lebuh Campbell Street Scenes: The Hunt for "Line-Clear" and Buah Pala at Chowrasta Market.

A trip to the Pearl of the Orient would be incomplete without paying homage to the late Loga at No. 2, Jalan Ayze, Tanjung Bunga (no one home when I came a calling - least of all you, Loga. May you R.I.P. and oh, thank you for the music, Sir.)

More Makan Scenes . . .

My eldest, digging in at a superb seafood eatery, appropriately called "The End Of The World" in Teluk Bahang

"Sleeping Cat" (Kuching Tidur) Durians in Teluk Bahang

Parting Shots: Batu Feringhi Beach Scenes


Mat Salo wishes to unreservedly and whole-heartedly apologize to Grand Sifu Chegu Nazir Khan for a cock-up that caused a planned rendezvous to fail. I believe Penangites have a term for this: it's called "kalut".

Mat Salo, true in his kalut-ness had inadvertently caused to save Chegu NK's phone number erroneuosly as "012" as oppossed to "017". Then MS had heed and hawed why the damn Maxis provider is at fault after countless attempts at calling and sms-ing to a non-existent number!

Furthermore, Mat Salo had also missed Mrs. Mambang Hijau - or more popularly known as Raden Galoh of "One Breast Bouncing" fame - by mere minutes! RG had checked in at the hotel next door, the Holiday Inn, while Mat Salo was busy checking out of the Park Royal! Of course, if Mat Salo had saved Chegu's number correctly the first time this idiocy on MS's part would never have happened. Just so you know, RG is in Penang with the Breast Cancer Survivors' Group to participate in the Penang International Dragon Boat Race.
Way to go RG! We're rooting for you!!!

Ever the optimist and in the belief of God's Grand Design, MS believes there's a "hikmah" to this.
Good things come for those who wait . . .

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