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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Lebaran Blog

Supplicants and Slackers; Saints and Sinners

My Surau: Scenes of 2nd Laskopek Pre-Terawih. It costs RM1600.00 to sponsor one of these. A glance at the notice board indicated quite a few "Who's Who" in Bolehland --GLC execs and movers and shakers --some of which the Yang Mulia have dubbed as riding in the Corridors of Power. And some riding roughshod over Bolehsian taxpayers?

My Surau: Scenes of Post-Terawih juadah Snacks and teh-tarik. Indo guest worker strolling by.

The Supplicants: O ye' you faithful

Mat Salo surreptitiously whips out his, err . . . camera to unsuspectingly record their ministrations. Quite a few of these ladies are Datin Seri's and probably esteemed spouses of "Bebudak Tingkat Ampat" - Hope they don't sue me!

Saint or Sinner? Oh, I know which camp I belong to . . . besides, you and I know it's a lot more fun!

To all of you who saw fit to have visited my irreverant sometimes (no, mostly) inconsequential blog, I say thank you. I would probably be off the 'net while I pay my solemn dues to the departed and the living.

For my Moslem friends, well wishers and detractors alike . . . If I have cause to offend you in some way, my apologies are in order. I would also like to wish you and your family a Selamat Hari Raya. And if you are driving far and wide back to whatever hole in the wall that you once hailed from, please be careful.

To the Indonesian diplomat's wife that was hauled in by Rela goons recently, I, Mat Salo, on behalf of clear-headed Bolehsians offer my sincere apologies. Goons are goons, and they're sub-humans anyway. No sane human being acts this way. Same goes to you, Pak Lubis, the UKM student. I know your authorities would never do the same to us. I know how most Bolehsians miss the point about how we are perceived as "arrogant". Rasa Sayange?

To Sheikh Muszaphar - I wish you well, Godspeed. A lot of hopes are riding on you up there amongst the Stars. Hey, I didn't know that you're a business partner of a buddy of mine...

To the parents of Nur Jazlin: Be strong and remember, millions of us are grieving too and will continue to grieve. She too is our daughter. The nation's. And please excuse the authorities' ineptititude. They sometimes get sidetracked chasing bloggers and "blowing" the whistle-blowers.

To Hui Yi: We love you! Your saga has united us - and shown what spirit the true peoples of this country has. It's beyond the color of our skin, the lines of our religion. We pray for you and you have given us much cause for hope.

Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin.

Mohon Ma'af Lahir & Bathin.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Puasa I Syawal 1428 H

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