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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Inaugural National Alliance of Bloggers Meet - A PhotoBlog

KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday. Agence Salo Press (ASP) correspondent Mat Salo was on hand to to capture the indelible images of National Alliance of Bloggers, Bolehsian Chapter meet. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and who am I to argue?

Please go to
NAB Vice Prez Jeff Ooi, NAB Prez Rocky Bru, NAB Councilor sheih kickdefella and mStar for a more "masterful" coverage, of course.

For other various other coverage (s) please go to:

Vee Pee

NAB Council-liar and Poster Maker cum NAB Poster Boy

NAB Council-liar, An Impassioned I am a Malaysian

Another Council-liar, The Infamous Niamah.....

Lelaki Ameno Terakhir

In the Court of . . . Peter's Jesters

Queen of Expose's Sloone (fresh from Bangkok) - "Liar" Numero Uno?

Social Shots of the Band of Bloggers (Bolehsian Version)

Commentator par excellence "shar101" holding court (with cigarette)

Council-air-liors kickedefella and Tony Yew a.k.a. Allied-Marster

The Vee Pee and Council-liar Anu Radha a.k.a. Galadriel

Council-liars Anu and Walski of Asylum60 (myAsylum)

The ever wonderful Marina keeping watchful eye on Hubby - Big Dog for additional security detail...

Dato' Ron engaging kickdefella

Is that what I think it is? Somebody giving somebody "the finger"?

The big canine with a Jewish name

This blogger from Miri, seen with the inimitable Mees MAS, won't be "ANON" any longer I bet...

NAB Council-liar Zorro-Zorro Unmasked a.k.a. Bernard Khoo seen with the famous couple

Could this be . . . The Malay Male?

Show of Hands...

The Protem Dude and Dudettes (penembak badak and galadriel partly hidden)

The Band of "Liar" Females and The "Unemployed" of the Fairer Sex . . .

The fanta-bulous Trio - Undisputed Queens of "Unemployed Liars"

© 2007 Mat Salo Images - Gear: Nikon D40 DSLR, Nikon SB-400, Stofen 0M-400 Omni-Bounce.


A Voice said...

Cool pix dudes ...

OK All-Blog ... this is All Blacks's Haka:

Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora, ka ora
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru
Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra
Upane, upane
Upane kaupane
Whiti te ra.

It is death, it is death
It is life, it is life
This is the hairy man
Who caused the sun to shine again for me
Up the ladder, up the ladder
Up to the top
The sun shines.

-- Haka (1810), Chief Te Rauparaha (1768-1849)

Hakuna Mutata?


mat salo,

great pix.

and mee rebus or press clun before you "balik" kalimantan!

Anonymous said...

That person is not BigDogDotCom. I am BigDogDotCom and I was somewhere else.

I think that person goes around by the name of BirdDuckDotCom. ;)

Mat Salo said...

Damn.. thanks, guys, thanks. Coming from you "stellar" bloggers means so much.. Err.. careful with the accolades, The Veep, amongst other things, is also the owner of THE authoritative Bolehsian photo egroup LensaMalaysia hehee..

A Voice - hope you're feelin' better (remember Chicago?)

Mees NAS - err offer blanjer Merebus ke? Makasih...(something Star Jouirnalist Nila Tanzil would say ya Mbak?)

BirdDuck - Hmmm... deep, very deep. Thanks for dropping by, dude!

Anonymous said...

aku demand nothing less than a 50 pix photoblog when you finally post your Uchi ben chong ben laden story.


Anonymous said...

Dear MS,

Could THAT be... The Malay Male?

YESSS... I believe he could well be.

A writer buddy of mine (who btw is dizzy by acronym and dizzy by nature), when asked if she knew Amir Hafizi, described MM to me as a real quiet guy... etc etc. The guy in your pix fits that descript to a TEE!

[Hahaha! Yo Klark Bleeping Kent, You're sooo busted, Krypton! ;D]

Thanks for all the pictures, MS. I get a real kick seeing who's who among the more famous bloggers and bloggroupies from the Land that Can.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Wah.... never know another mirian there. How come you didn't tell me brother?

Anonymous said...

uchi photoblog request:

pls include a session for swimwear n tear


A Voice said...

You read my ole blog post on Eddie Clearwater ... I guess I m livin it.

Anonymous said...

Wohoo...blogging is really a serious business nowadays....

Anonymous said...

Bro, your words are as expressive as your pixs. Now, i know you are just being humble when you said you can't write. Take care and keep the pixs a-coming.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Nice pics and pleased to have known you.

Anonymous said...


apo pasa la banyak gambo den? Nanti mak den marah tau...

Yeah u write very well. I found u first

Alia's epistles said...

Dear Mat,


To me, this issue really questions Sheih integrity..but then again maybe we shouldnt be to suprise. After all as the saying goes, the company we keep is a reflection of who we are. Everyone knows that Sheih gives special treatment to Monsterball on his blog.In fact Sheih even calls him a "father figure".This to me partly explains why Monsterball is so brazen in his rudeness.

BUT WHAT I CANT EXCEPT AS A MALAYSIAN IS HIS ATTACKS ON the blogger known as "A VOICE" regarding voices gout sickness in the latter blog posting titled " Pain: Gout Explained"...Additionally he goes on a rampage in his attack of the blogger known as BIG DOG. Read Monsterball' attack on in BIGDOG's blog here;

Read it here in BIG DOG

Read it here in VOICE

His vilification of BIG DOG includes inter alia, saying that Big Dog should have sex with Monty's pet dog.Of course, Big Dogs religion is not spared. The rest, I think is too rude to rewrite here.

Anyway, if you read his comments on both he does speak alot on behalf of Sheih. From u get a feeling, he is brazen enough to do so partly because of Sheih special treatment of him. In fact, when somebody questions his behaviour, Monsterball in not so many ways question the person right to do by saying he( Monsterball) is 'the front liner" .

To me, if Monsterball's behaviour is unacceptable, then so is Sheih blind endorsement of it.To me, Sheih cannot be totally exculpated.

Don't think any decent and sane Malaysian should tolerate it.

Go ahead. Read for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Alia, Big Dog, Hubris, EVERYBODY,
The best treatment 4 this biadap Monsterball is to ignore him. Let's not comment on his comments. When we respond, we give him validity.
Just skip the comment when it's by him.

Anonymous said...

Err.. I'm confused? What's this? Why here?