Atchafalaya Swamp

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Return of the Swampman

It has been four long years since I added anything to my near-defunct blog.

I have since moved from the swamps of East Borneo to the swamps of the bayous of Louisiana. More on this later but I think I may already be in purgatory as a prelude to my special place in Hell. I hear they reserve a special spot there for someone like me.

A lot has happened since then; not least my three favorite bloggers have upped and gone away (see In Memoriam side-bar), the latest being Unker Bernard aka Zorro this past April. Fortunately I was home for his wake where spirits were downed in an atmosphere of good cheer all around. BTW, it was the late Zorro who had nicknamed me Swampman, so it saddens me that he would never come visit my blog again.

                                                                       Three PAS reps @Zorro's funeral
                                                                                        Me and buddy Ronnie
Four long years is long enough to be in mourning --my Dad had also passed on in August last year...on the very same morning that Kerp had lost his wife to cancer?

Enough. Time to move on.