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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good News Before Election

Agi Idup Lagi Ngalaban
My spirit will be there
O' noble brothers and sisters
Be safe, act responsibly
And finally, be wary of agent provocateurs
Please visit Hantu Laut's blog and hear why it's prudent to be careful.
Good Luck, Godspeed, God Bless!

Malaysia's International Trade & Industry Minister Declares End of Year Cheer

Kenaikan harga petrol tidak jejas Malaysia

ZURICH: Harga petrol yang dijangka akan terus meningkat di pasaran dunia tidak akan menjejaskan daya saing sektor swasta dan industri di Malaysia kerana impak peningkatan kos akan turut dirasai di seluruh dunia, termasuk negara pesaing.Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz berkata kenaikan harga petrol mungkin tidak dapat dielakkan, namun beban kesannya terhadap Malaysia, yang mempunyai sumber bahan itu, tidak sehebat negara lain yang tidak mempunyai sumber komoditi terbabit dan terpaksa bergantung kepada sumber import sepenuhnya. - BERNAMA

"Increase in petrol prices will not affect Malaysia", Rafidah was quoted as saying.

Of course it would not affect Malaysia, especially Ministers in Malaysia. Any fool knows that. But what about the populace as a whole? I mean, the people, the M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y?

Watch out folks, petrol prices will increase again very soon, only the impending GE is getting in the way. The government will not be able to sustain subsidies for 90-dollar oil forever.

My only request is, please-lah, don't lie to us by saying there won't be any price increases after the election.

Let's not pussyfoot. Tell it like it is. Better still, let's raise prices NOW. Before the GE.

Hah, amacam? Ada berani ka?


gram.kong said...

Mat Salo,
I am as aghast as you were with the baloney coming out of our minister's mouth, many of whom think all Malaysians are naive and stupid.

The Brent crude hits a historic peak of $92.31 on Tuesday, 6th November.It will breach the $100.00 level soon.So, how is Malaysia immune from the global effect of higher oil prices? Has Rafidah a magic formula to shield us from the higher costs of living?

The right advice should be to warn Malaysians to be prepared for higher cost of living as a result of the chain reaction of higher oil prices, instead of giving misleading and untrue picture of the actual situation.

tokasid said...

Salam pak matsalo:

bro, you are right. Most of the rakyat knew that its unavoidable that fuel price will go higher( I heard speculations its gonna be btwn 30-50 sen per litre!)and with that so will other things.

The least Rafidah or Shafie Apdal or Tok najib or Pak Lah can do is : be frank with us, the rakyat. Tell us to brace ourselves with the possible impact. Tell us to be more prudent. Or tell us : Let's start cycling to work. Buy bicycles now or get a kapcai or scooter as an alternative mode of transport.

Don't lie to us. Coz most of us believe in your lies!!When you tell us everything is ok, we think its much better than ok.So when you tell us the nation and its ppl won't feel the effect, we felt like we are the untouchables. Hey, we have forgotten the economic downturn in 97-98 period. We thought we were immune to the world market.

So , now please don't lie to us. Just tell us the truth. After all we are not the delegates to PWTC or members of the House. To them maybe you can bluff away, but just tell us the goddamn truth.

And, do you rafidah and any other ministers( PM included) dare to take on Matsalo's challenge? Raise up everything then declare for the 12th GE.

Mat Salo said...


Yessir, most worrying indeed. Especially when they're trying to make light of it. If they got the interests of the rakyat at heart, then they should come clean. It's bad enough to insult the people's intelligence --but worse, not only goodwill be lost but potential social upheavals are in the offing.

Of course Rafidah was speaking about the business community in general in Malaysia. But what of the rakyat? It bothers me there's no attention being paid to the increased costs of living at present, what more when the other round of fuel hikes comes?

Dok TA,

The people knows that with Brent and Tapis crudes at record highs, something's serious is coming. But we don't like to be lied to. Let's see what they say when campaigning starts. But my guess is they're stumped and just tell editors not to raise the issue to much. But the makcik and pakciks, you and I know that CPI has gone through the roof even now.

Kata orang Indo.. ngeri Pak!

Pak Zawi said...

mat salo,
Without any doubt she represents the half past six ministers.
Definitely there wont be any impact on Malaysians if whatever extra made by Petronas from the price increase of oil resulting in higher revenue to the government were to be distributed to all genuine Malaysians(Those with mykad for the purpose of voting in elections must be excluded).
Alas its all whimsical thinking. They have already decided on what to do with the extra revenue from Petronas, The ECER and all the other corridors to benefit their own kind and bail out of several more PKFZs.

shar101 said...

Crude oil breaching the US$100/barrel is the stark reality staring at us and RA thinks everything will turn out rosy for us.

Does she have the ability to part the Red Sea and save us from oblivion too?

On top of the ever increasing oil prices, there is a possibility of a major correction in the financial markets, perhaps, even another meltdown with devastating results similar to the '97/'98 crisis. (Read Matthias Chang's doomsday prediction at MT).

Combine the two scenarios and you'll have an epic event of biblical proportions about to happen.

What would the AAB administration do? Take out a loan from the IMF in order to save the nation? Will KJ be the final arbiter on who runs this country when that happens coz he's allegedly uncle Sam's point man through the good offices of RDC?

There's a bigger picture to look at, folks.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Good to see you writing again, even though it has news clippings for most of the postings! :)

Er...I don't I need to add anymore to what's been said. You take care there.

Mat Salo said...

Pak Zawi.. 1/2 past six? He-he.. TDM said it, not us. Having said that, it certainly does not bode well for our leaders if inflation is not addressed. And it must be addressed in an open manner. But what do they do? Pretend everything is hunky-dory is it?

Shar.. I pray and hope, no matter how he has been right in the past, that this Matthias is now wrong. I don't know about you, but most of here are mortgaged to the hilt. Ask those who had experienced the 97/98 'krisis monitor' financially. Imagine your house payments going double.

When the sub-prime mess in the US started to make news a few months back, I was already worried what the double-whammy of record oil prices will do. It's like stoking an already runaway fire.

That's why I pray he is wrong. But that's wishful thinking.. You're right though, bro'.. let' look at the Big Picture. Better start tightening our belts...

Bro' Shah'r.. Wa'alikumsalaam. Truth is, sampai-sampai je kat sini I've been swamped by work. Tak banyak masa nak mem-blog Pak. Minyak 93/bbl brudder. Client press kita suruh drill cepat kasi kluar cepat... hai...

gram.kong said...

Mat Salo,

You are one of the few top blogger that didn't display the logo for the big march on 10th November.Maybe, you can help th spread the word around. Read my post

Many thanks.

Mat Salo said...


I've read it and left a comment. But I think it's important that people read your piece too for a fair balance.

It needs to be pointed out as we love our friends and country and we don't want anything to turn ugly and which might cause grief.

gram.kong said...

Mat Salo,
Many thanks,I appreciate your views.

The Ancient Mariner said...

One thing thats definitely going to go up is my blood pressure ...