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Monday, August 11, 2008

Come visit my Other Blog

To all my enduring visitors here, please come visit my other blog too. Got a new post up today. The other blog is more family-oriented, suitable for all audiences where I hope to keep the unsavory stuff (like politics) out.

New Bike 3

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Che Mat,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving your nice remarks there.

I had already visited this site last night, and "saw a bit about you and your life" - You have a good one, like what I had once: a good job, family, decency, respect... I envy you, Che Mat. I want to be like you too someday.

I have included this site in my blogroll under "Interesting Malaysians" (you *are* one, obviously). I'll also visit your blog at Blogspot right now.

BTW, thought I had seen the first post here was something about your kid riding his bike, and about MSN Writer (useful info, Thanks). But it appears to be different today(?) The pictures doesn't load right now.

Anonymous said...

Che Mat,

I came here from http://matsalo.com Now that I'm here, this post points back to it. So, what do I do now?? :-)

Now I know who/what "Borneo Blues" is. Had seen the link to it at quite a number of blogs. Was a bit curious, but had not clicked on them because I did not have the time. Finally I now do; after your visit to my own blog.

BTW this is something that I could learn from you. I mean in coming up with names/titles.

"Borneo Blues" sure is a great title - catchy and apt too. You would have made a great sub-editor or advertising consultant too! Compare your creativity to my own "Recovery from Drug Addiction". Sure is bland. But then again, that site was not exactly started "for fun stuff".

BTW I'm debating to myself which one of your sites should I use for my blogroll list (Under "Interesting Malaysians"). Most likely the website.

No, I have nothing against your beliefs and opinions; far from it. I'm just trying to avoid any mention of politics there (which tends to be divisive) because the theme is "Recovery"...

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Mart,

I'm so touched, Sir. Thank you for visiting and leaving me with your kind words. You're too kind, Mart!

You write so damn well, bro'. All your experience happened for a reason.. perhaps lessons you learned will touch others as well. It's a 'gift' bro.

Heh.. Mart, perhaps it's ME that's going to learn from you. For instance, how do you put the italics in your comment? Beat's the hell out of me... ha ha.

(I'm clueless when it comes to computer-speak)