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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Celebrating H.U.T. - Dirgahayu R.I. ke 63

DARKENED RAINCLOUDS LOOMED Sunday morning over the vast dreary swamps of Kalimantan Timur where a rig called Yani was temporarily shut down.

Led by Liaison Officer Captain (Mariner) A. Mannan of the Indonesian navy, the crew assembled on the heli-deck to commemorate 'HUT' (pronounced 'hoot'), Indonesia's 63rd birthday, or - Hari Ulang Tahun - as they liked to call it.

Mat Salo ,being the sole Malaysian on board, was given the unenviable position of guest of honor, worthy of a Du-Bes (duta besar).

We quickly got the outdoor part over before the heavens opened (portend of things to come?), commencing to the galley below for a Lucky Draw; the door prizes donated by our respective companies.

By the way, I 'won' a rice-cooker. Now what in heaven's name shall I do with it?

Adjourning to galley below. . .

Drawing Straws for The Lucky Draw

A jubilant crew member - "I won a TV set!"

The Captain  & Me

The Captain & I

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jaflam said...

Hai MS,
I like that new title of yours Pak Duta M'sia @ Yani.

While Indonesia is celebrating it's 63 HUT, maybe its good to see if we are independent from the working life that has been like umbilical cord to us. Is it the best for us or we may be better off on our own. Whatever, plan for our betterment or at least for our retirement heheeee.

mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Bapak "Duta Besar"

Saya juga turut mengucapkan selamat HUT 63 RI, moga RI bertambah makmur jadi mereka bertambah kaya..........

Zabs said...

Salm Bapak DUBES MS,
Setelah sambut HUT di Indonesia, mungkin boleh luangkan masa sambut HUT di Malaysia tidak lama lagi.

elviza said...

My dear,

(heaving a long useless sigh)

Rice cooker is precisely to be used as the name goes: to cook rice. Duh...

p/s: you look good lah in the picture. Hmmmmm

Mat Salo said...

Bang DJ!

Sokong.. I too wish to see there day when I can be truly 'independent' ha-ha. But it's long time coming, bang. Insya'allah need to save up for it. Err, bang.. not quite 'dubes' but I'm sort of like the M'sian gov't civil rep here. Keje volunteer tanpa gaji dan tidak berepencen. Unofficially appointed by our gomen's military LO here.. heh. But you're close!

Pak Mamadou,

Wa'alaikum salaam.. Masih di Timbuktu ke Pak? Udah baca tapi belum sempat meninggalkan komen. Amin Pak, semoga aman makmur RI dan di kurniakan rahmat.. bbegitu juga M'sia ya Pak?

Pak Zabs,

Wasallam. Ini nak balik Raya punya pasal kena laa keje lama-lama skit supaya nanti boss kesian dan kasi balik sebelum Raya. So I won't be back la Pak.. Tapi dalam zaman kesempitan ekonomi ini, baiklah gomen kita berjimat. Jangan laa membazir wang rakyat bakar bunga api.. gimana Pak?

Mat Salo said...


Just missed you.. Hmmm, I thought that photo made me look fat. That's plain 'ol vain me speaking. But coming from you.. thanks laar. :)

P.S. I gave rice cooker to one of the crew..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh...so thats how it looks like on board. quite a huge number of crews. well, more than i thought at least. cewek pon ada...ok la, not so bad la. better than a prison.

*rice cooker is what i call my laptop nowadays. its my bread and butter- periuk nasi.

Mat Salo said...


Itu cewek Sundanese yang hang notice. Muka hansom aku hang tak komen. She's our trainee recently graduated from Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Eh, na tunggu buat cakapje, kot? ;)

P/S Itu bukan semua crew yang ada, bro. Yang shif malam tidur. All in all about a hundred in a rectangle sized vessel (with 3 levels - Tingkat Ampat is the heli-deck) slightly smaller and much narrower too than the size of a regulation soccer pitch.. you get the picture, dude.

Apa? Your laptop is your nasi and kicap ka? :)

J.T. said...

Hi Mat Salo

At first I sighed like Elviza. Then I thought, you can also used a rice cooker to steam your food - as long as you have some kind of rack to place a bowl or plate on it.
But I just read, you gave it away. So never mind. :P

Looks like everyone had a good time. I suppose it was a welcome break from the daily vibrations. :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

at first glance,i thought you meant a sudanese...kihkihh...so you're saying there are more than just one cewek la?

ooo...so not as big as i imagined. but 3+1 tingkat above the sea level is quite high. if my imagination is correct, tingkat 4 shouldbe the top level, wich means out-door. also likely to be breezy la dei...tak betul ke? why hell?

Mat Salo said...

JT: GOOD 'vibrations'(you still remember, eh? Ha ha. Actually that rice cooker thingy is a 3-in-1 that can also heat stuff or whatever. It's too big to put in my bag to take home. Not only that, if I took it, Mat Salo would forever be known as a 'sengkek' guy.. (tightwad).. hehe.. Not that he isn't one. :)

Kerpie: Kecik laa ini rig. Of course there are many and bigger types out there that can cost up to 0.5 mil USD A DAY to rent. My one cheap-cheap oni. Less than 100K US pr day. That's just the rig bro, belum masuk other services like my tools etc. Not easy jadi Big Oil company worrr!

Brader.. what are you insinuating? Budak Tingkat Ampat and 'out' door pulak tu. Back door too close for comfort macam itu Sinful declaration. Hai ya.

Bro, now with monsoon everywhere we are no exception. Petang I like to walk around. Tapi now selalu hujan tak brani. Strong winds liable to blow me and my bloated body into the swamps below...which hosts the biggest type of Bujang Senang I hear...

Daphne Ling said...

Wah, Abang Mat,

Macam taiko ar? Nice picture, the last one. Hope the celebrations have died down a little...We need oil, man!!! ;)

Hehe...Kidding ler...Must have been so cool to celebrate like that...

kbguy said...

last few days I met a few rig engineers staying at a local hotel, waiting to go to the rig off kelantan coast. The first thing that came into my mind was you...mat salo.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Yo! Give me the rice cooker. And while you're at it, might as well get me someone to cook the rice too! :)

Happy Malaysia Day and Ramadhan al-Mubarak!

Anonymous said...

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Hi&Lo said...

Bapak Mat Salo,

Fantastic the spirit of Indonesia. So full of mystery with its diversity.

Wishing you Selamat Ramadan Al Mubarak

Kata Tak Nak said...

I humbly request your presence at my blog to collect an award. Please....

Hj Irlan said...

Wahhh... Mat Salo in uniform... vely hemsem lorrrr....

shanghaistephen said...

Yo orang minyak or is it now Du..Bes!!
Man those photos on the helipad sure brings back memories bro !Must be good working with such a cheerful bunch. And not wearing your cover-alls?? Sudah jadi rig super ka ??
Take care bro and always remember the "a place for everything and everything in it's place" tag-line. Give me a howl, when you're back on shore leave !
Cheers and Godbless !
p.s. nice pixs there and on your "sane" blog too !

Mat Salo said...


Interesting name, Pak. Thanks for the Ramadhan Mubarrak wishes. Kembali...

After being here of and on for almost a decade, this country still never cease to fascinate me. As a Malaysian I feel we have a lot to learn.

Chegu KTN,

Sabar chegu... ni lagi tengah cari mangsa..heh.

Pak Aji Biki --oops, Sorry. Ampun, ya Pak. Bagus la Pak Aji kata hensem. Kalau cewek kata 'gantang' lagi bagus ya Pak?

Hey bro' Fish,

Will do, bro'. Expect me to come a-knocking post- Eid. It's been a long time. Let's hope things get better soon.

Good you got out of the oilfield leaving with nice memories. Me? I'm corrupted for life. Perhaps, it's my fate bro but I'm grateful.. Thanks.

waletandy said...

Hello Dubes,

Malaysia under BN is under duress and the political masters are panicking with the arrests of so many right-thinking citizens of which Pak Samad is a good example.

The nation's TOOLFACE is now all over the place.

Mat Salo said...


Hang ni practioner of the black arts of DD jugak ker? ;)