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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sweet Child O' The 60's


I know there's so many things out there that everyone takes for granted (like KJ's ascension to premiership before turning forty is one and Ling Gump's ASSertion that yeah, that guy looks and sounds like me BUT -- is the other) because they're not in some gawd-infested swamp . . .

It's about a concert by one of the greatest bands ever to grace the planet. And it's happening right here in Cyberjaya, Bolehsaja and in two other cities in Indonesia this coming March.

Here's your chance to catch 'em, folks.

Unfortunately I have to give this a pass but hoping against hope to catch 'em in Surabaya if I can ciluk from the rig that is, but I doubt that --just as as much as I doubt Ling Gump was just tagging along. And the good Tun just happened to bump into him at the airport?

For us Sweet Child O' The Sixties I'm sure there are takers out there. I know Doc TA, Shah Cakapje and a host of other "Sixties Children" will appreciate the chance.

Go to the promoter's website here:

Leland Sklar apparently is replacing Mike Porcaro because the latter has gone on MC or something. David Paich
is away in China preparing the theme song for Beijing '08. David is the vocals and songwriter behind Rosanna, Africa etc and has also won an Emmy in '74 for his work on the Ironside theme.

Here's something I lifted off the net about Lee Sklar:

". . . His very recognizable bass playing style, along with his beard, have been heard on hits by Phil Collins, Billy Cobham, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Hall & Oates, Jackson Browne, Tommy Bolin, David Bowie, Ray Charles, BB King, The Doors, Peter Frampton, Aaron Neville, Lyle Lovett, to name just a few."

And then there's Greg Phillinganes on keyboards. Greg's fingerwork can be heard on anything from Stevie Wonder (who discovered him more than three decades back) to Eric Clapton, Christina Aguilera, BabyFace, George Benson, Michael Jackson (played on all the songs on Thriller --even Billy Jean), Bee Gees, Carpenters, Dionne Warwick, Paul Simon, Earl Klugh, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker.....Gawd the list is too long! To me, his greatest feat is playing on all of Stevie Wonder's
Songs In The Key of Life (1976) especially that lurrrvely Isn't She Lovely? Hal-la-maaak...

Curious, their website listed only three cities in their South East Asian
stops; bypassing Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore even. Now we know those countries got no taste laa...

The rest of their multi-city dates are in Japan and Australia.

Anybody been to Perdana Lakeview East? Is it an open-air venue? And what about the acoustics? Lucky not Stadium Negara, berdegung...

12 - Mar - 2008 Wednesday Surabaya Shangri-la Indonesia
14 - Mar - 2008 Friday Bandung Sabuga Convention Hall Indonesia
15 - Mar - 2008 Saturday Kuala Lumpor Perdana Lakeview East, Cyberjaya

So how? Ada nak gii ker?

If you post a comment and for you Toto fans out there tell me your favorite song. Tough, but mine's "Rosanna" I think. My hair (what's left anyway) stands on end everytime
Jeff Porcaro's shuffle beat kicks in at the tune's intro...

N.B. In line with Ling Gump's and other recent sea-change ethical code of conduct in Bolehsaja's blogosphere, the images above were
of course lifted sans permission. Whaddya expect?


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Nak tu nak! But I hate going alone especially to a big crowd. Unless lah, unless you Doc TA, Cikgu and several others go along. Then we can get drunk there...drunk with the songs lah! :)

J.T. said...


And you said you were bereft of words. See what you came up with.

Oh gawd, I recognise most of the singers and songs you mentioned there. Am I really getting old? (I thought I was safely some years younger than you!) :D

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of 80s songs (on satellite radio - XM) and I tell you almost every song brings back some kind of memory - from 'pegang tangan in the taman' days to 'putus hubungan' situations. Ah! memories.

If I am lucky enough to get back to Malaysia before mid-March, I might be able to catch the concert at KL Perdana Lakeview ... if there is transport.

Mat Salo said...

Shah! Woi better hook up with Doc TA.. aku dengar member dah 'stim' nak pegi.. Dun det drunk laa, nanti kene get a designated driver. Wot? You trust what Datuk Seri TA (no relation to Drc TA) said in court? That Ling Gump was drunk when he said those things? Ha-ha

Jac! What's this? You coming back? Laa give us laa some lead time ok so can prepare your homecoming (fit for a homecoming queen!). More important, got time to blanje me onde-onde @ KLCC!

If there is transport? My gawd! You know how many desperadoes out there willing to take you JT? These desperadoes, I assure you has probably not gone beyond the "pegang-pegang tangan" stage.. *wink* He..

tokasid said...

Salam Pak MS:

I went to the link that you gave n noticed the concert will be in Cyberjaya.Thats great coz tak payah traffic jam in KL.

Will be in KL next weekend, might get the tickets there.
I'll call Shah when I'm in KL.

Tak sabar dah ni.....

Mat Salo said...

Doc TA,

Jealous laa bro'. I believe it's on during school hols. Earlier news said that Stadium Negara was the original venue.. baguih lagi kat tempat baru ni kot?

On an unrelated topic, baca tak Datin yang now under life support after undergoing liposuction in Klang? Wonder if our buddy down there knows of this ... pretty sad.

acciaccatura said...

salam mat salo,
Toto... masa tu i was in form five. alamak, teringat balik belajar biology. bila masuk itm baru tahu susan goh was behind africa.

thanks mat salo!

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Abang Mat,


But no, don't want to go...Hehe...

The band that I really wanna go for, is Eagles...Not the rock concert type in an open field where everyone is screaming...

I want to sit front row and wathc them strum their guitars...Philharmonic Hall! Hehe...


My parents are praying they never come, cos both and my brother declared if Eagles comes, we wanna go! Hehe...

And yeah, in case you wondering, I listen to loads of oldies and 60's and 70's...I barely know the new singers...*Malu*

Mat Salo said...


Toto ni, even for non-musical types like me had such an impact because each member is such a stellar player, and we can trace our life thru' their songs. Wow! Susan Goh! Didn't know she was in the faculty. Even till today, any bar or pub
band worth their salt around the world MUST include one or two songs in their set-list, baru dikatakan gempak. At least slow track like Georgy Porgy pon cukup. I forgot to blog about their drummer. Jeff Porcaro who died in '92 to an allergic reaction only recommended Simon Philips. Sometime last year Simon came for a Tama drum clinic and broke down the shuffle beat for 'Rosanna'. Susah giler nak main. At least that's what I heard on the net. In Indo they got such a great following sampai Surabaya dan Bandung pun main. Jakarta's close to Bandung so tak pe lah. Me? Terperap dalam paya laa E...

"I hear the drums echoing tonight
But she hears only whispers
of some quiet conversation

Shes coming in 12:30 flight
The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide
me towards salvation

I stopped an old man along the way
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies
He turned to me as if to say,
hurry boy, its waiting there for you.......


Eagles is of course a great band. You know the last time they released a studio album (Hotel California) you weren't even born yet! And last year in 2007 they released 'Long Road To Eden'. Again a classic. Hmmm don't expect them to be in a 'philharmonic style' venue when they play, that was just a one-off for their 'acoustic' live album, the one you see played in kaki lima or pasar malams. They are a 'rock' band and there will be more people screaming at their concerts than Toto's! Percaya lah..

Hong Kong they pergi tapi if go SG at least got chan...

J.T. said...


I am coming home but no firm date yet laa. Don't worry, I give you ample notice. After all, I owe you a plate of sweet green balls (haha) and intend to keep to my promise.

I could not help but notice Daphne's comment about 60s and 70s being oldies. Alamak! lagi tua aku rasa. :D

Kata Tak Nak said...

When Doc and Shah are enjoying their concert, I'll be here praying that there is a thunderstorm and flash flood and FRUs hurling tear gas and spraying them with chemical water and all the khinzirs in Melaka invade the concert ground.

Why you asked?

Because I cannot go.

Mat Salo said...

JT: we're only as old as we feel (who am I trying to kid!!!?) Forever young at heart lah! Also in your comment up there I noticed the words "firm" and "ample". What exactly do you mean? Or is it just my brains lying in the longkang? :)

Chegu: Tak leh laa macam tu Chegu. Tak baik kita laknat member due ekoq tu sebab jaki... yang patut kita jaki kenapa Datin Urine Yeop tak cium pipi Chegu? Kat Penang kan? Tapi tak sedap lak Mrs. Tak Nak tau...

Rita Ho said...

Hi MS ... I don't remember this group. Must be before my time, huh? Haha!

I hope to catch the Moody Blues sometime this year. :)

J.T. said...


I was not implying anything but I like your thinking. :D

Mat Salo said...

Rita: What do you mean BEFORE your time? You don't mean AFTER do you? Sure you remember. You just don't know it's them. They ruled the airwaves back in the 80's lah.. along with Mike Jackson's Thriller which the keyboardist played on. Moody Blues? Seems like these old farts are busy doing reunion concerts these days.

And JT.. I like the way you're thinking too (remember the school boy)? *wink*

Raden Galoh said...

Ha! Concert nearby? No lah...I'm not that heavyrock kindda person but maybe it's good jamming sometimes eh..maybe sambil jerit-jerit tu boleh visualise the cancer cells to 'berkeliaran lari'... Ai sey, you can't make it bro? tapi if Eagles come down here..maybe I throng the concert with Daphne...hehehe

galadriel said...

Ah...ihad to scroll till I read Mike Porcaro b4 I discovered that this is Toto u talking about.

These guys were a bunch of successful sessionists individually. Some of their songs bear the mark of over-production but there are some gems too.

Africa, I Can't Hold You Back, I'll Be Over You, yeah Rosanna (named after Rosanna Arquette wasn't it?), "Stranger in Town" and my personal favourite, "How does it Feel".

Wish I cud go...but I can't. And MS, i'm not the child of the 60s, but I still enjoy Toto.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok man, i admit i know nuts about these great bunch of musicians. i could dig deep about them especially during their peak like i did on the Beatles for instance but no offense bro, their style were just not much my cuppa. but hey, i believe i've heard rozanna before.

*that fella on extreme left looks like a guy from another group called...ZZ Top for obvious reason....hehehhe...

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,

I still keep some of their LPs.My favourites are Africa,Rosanna and Waiting For Your Love from the LP TOTO IV.Great songs.They are not heavy metal as some people seemed to think, they are more mixture of R&B and Rock.

They actually deserve more recognition for some of the great songs they produced.

Mat Salo said...

RG, Aiseh kalaulah Eagles yang datang mesti beruyun-duyun turun. But sure mahal one. Like the upcoming Police concert in SG Feb. 4, tiket depan 600 SGD! That's the price nak berdepan ngan Sting. But this one only RM200 seat paling mahal. So kira murah laa tu.

AR aka Galadriel, wow you pon tau Rosanna Arquette nyer hal. SO you must be a real fan lah. You now tak the late Joe Porcaro and the Marty Pacih (David's)father collaborated theme songs from The Streets of San Francisco to Hawaii 5 0. And their children grew up to form Toto.

Hey bro for Toto fans what you just did bothers on the profane bro'. It' Rosanna bro NOT Rozanna after Mike romance with the actress. He-he... That guy with the janggut if you've ever heard recent songs by Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, chances are it's his bass you're hearing.

Mat Salo said...

H-L: Wow! you got the vinyl. Hat's off, Sir and hang on to it as vinyl is making a comeback. Or is your turntable still spinning?

Toto IV was a brilliant album and I think it garnered several grammies for them.

You're right Sir, these guys are so proficient that they could take on any genre of music: heavy metal to jazz rock and blues. Listen to Steve Lukather's melodic yet blistering soloes. est part is they're brilliant songwriters and arrangers and a lot of the public don't know whenever a hi tune is played on the radio, chances are one of these dudes are on it.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


tokasid said...

TOTO are musicians' musician.
When they won the multiple Grammy critics said the album was over produced. But if you see their live concert recordings( I've got their live in France CD) they play as tight as ever.

My TOTO fav are Rossana,Africa,I'll be over you and 99.

The late Jeff Porcaro,he was one of a kind.

Hantu Laut said...

Hi, Mat Salo,

Go to my website,I have downloaded your favourite song.Happened to be mine also.

Mat Salo said...

Doc TA,

Heh-heh bro Kerpie knew he's hurt our feelings.. steady on bro kerp joke aje. Doc, I read somewhere in an interview with Mike who wrote '99' claimed he hated that song --even tho' he wrote it -- and won't ever appear on any set list. But let's see . Since dia takde ada nanti kot? But even Jeff thought Simon as a worthy successor. Not many people know Simon also played for Yes and Whitesnake. Terror beb! I'll be jealous laa, see if you can drag bro Kerp along and then he know what he's been missing!

Mat Salo said...

H-L (or GK): Sir, I've already posted a reply at your blog. Thanks for the honor!

bangkai said...


Toto! That brings back memories lah. As for me, Steve Lukather was the jewel in Toto' crown. My favourite?There a two really: "I'll be over you" and "Africa"

Kata Tak Nak said...

Brother MS,
I have tagged you. I know you are busy but I would love to gear what you have to say about Muhibbah.

PrincessJournals said...

heard somebody mabuk after watching cloverfield. :P

Daphne Ling said...

Abang Mat, oh Abang Mat,

Pergi mana ni? Oil rig drifted off ke? ;)

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