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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clash of The Axes

Bought the Star today, as usual, for my morning dose of entertainment.

It's hard not to be entertained these days when you have the 'Three Tuns" - Eusoff, Dzaiddin and Fairuz --all vying to better what Larry, Curly and Moe had to offer.

And then there's the other suspects like Lingam Park and 'Starry-Starry-Nite' Tan. The latter claimed there's no point in suing anybody for defamation. He sued against the late M.G.G. Pillai (may God rests his soul) and was awarded ten million ringgits but got not a single sen from the
kain pelekat wielding Columbia-trained journalist. Padan muka. Had to fork out RM 1.5 million to Messrs. Lingam Park & Co in legal fees some more. Padan lagi muka. Damn right, Vince, BAAAAD business decision. Should have left the late Sang Kancil alone.

But what really piqued my interest lay a few pages ahead.

Entertainment aside, and about Tun D "hating" his former boss Tun E --ho hum--what's new? -- there is a more serious and pressing concern that ails the state of the "real entertainment" industry, in particular live acts this coming March 15. Is this
before or after BN's landslide win and Khairy's first foray into the Parliament of Whores? Who cares?

The real issue here for music fanatics is WHO to see on March 15.

Toto performs on March 15 night, and today The Star reported that Pineapple Concerts, helmed by Razman Tan Sri Ahmad Razali, has another mega-concert on that date. The 12-hour music-fest is dubbed "Sunburst KL International Music Festival". Read the report here:

My, this is gonna pose a problem. This, in my opinion is a bigger cause for headache since UMNO's Team A / Team B faction.

R & B's phenomena John Legend, British acid jazz proponents Incognito, hard rock's Incubus and George Clinton's Funkadelic are all set to appear on four specially constructed stages at the Polo Pavillion, Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort.

Local acts to include Search, Pop Shuvit, Estranged, One Buck Short and Joe Flizzow amongst others. All fine acts for sure but I'm not going to lose sleep over these.

From across the pond the organizers are bringing in Tompi and --this is why there's going to be a clash-- GiGi!

Damn! *Dewa Budjana is gonna be pissed too. Or maybe he thinks he can finish his set early and then hop over to Cyberjaya to catch Steve Lukather!?

So which is it, you lucky BN sods (assuming of course, BN has won by a landslide and this concert is to "thank" the rakyat?) --Dewa or Steve?

*For those who are a bit ignorant when it comes to Asia's guitar 'Gods', Dewa Budjana is probably the best in what Asia has to offer. In 2005, Peter Erskine (2007 Grammy Winner) the jazz drummer for Weather Report, Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Rickie Lee Jones etc. produced Dewa Budjana's "Home" a solo jazz album with top L.A. session players like Dave Carpenter to excellent critical reviews. GiGi is his cari makan band.


tokasid said...

Salam Pak MS:

this is not fair. Outrages.
I know is there's gonna be a landslide or even a single seat win, BN might say: FOC for both venues!But I'm not counting on that.No, I'm not counting on counting crow's victory( he said he is willing to stand in Marang or Permatang Pauh.How arrogant)

But now that this Razman had decided about Sunburst, its giving me non-existence migraine attack. This is all your fault Pak MS.You see before your sms and this posting, I know I'm going to Cyberjaya for Toto...err..TOTO.
Now you said GIGI is TERBANging here with their NAKAL attitude with Maulana and Budjana, I'm at a crossroad here. But I won't sell my soul to the devil like what Robert Johnson did.

TOTO needs me there.GIGI can wait. I might fly to Jakarta for GIGI at a later date( hah3 angan-angan setinggi Gunung Merapi gue).

Rossana is waiting to take me to Africa on flight 99.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well we have the Fab four here in Penang, in person. On Drums, Tun Dzaidin, Rhythm, Tun Eusofe, Bass, Tun Fairuz and Lead/ tukang karut/tukang apa nama mencarut, non other than Tun Mahathir. They will open with 'I can't remember' followed with the drummer who will sing, 'I hate him' After which the rhythm guitarist will belt out 'We were only friends'. Not to be outdone the basist will serenade us with 'It wasn't me' and to close the concert guess band VK and the koreks will entertain us with the current number one hit CORRECT, CORRECT, CORRECT.

You want me to give this up for TOTO, GIGI or LIDAH? No way man.

jaflam said...

The line up for the Music Fest is so inviting. If the election is on 11 or 13 then it will Celebrations Fest too.

Well definitely it’s more interesting then the Circus that currently on Grand Show..... menghabiskan beras ajaaa sepatah kata budak budak sekarang.

elviza said...


In my 2cents worth of opinion (walaupun tak ditanya, still, nak menyebok!) the whole court drama going on right now is making the mockery of the system.

Also, it makes the court so bloody packed and its impossible to park your car esp for a lowly practitioner like yours truly.

But hey, I am no Vince T. to be chaffeured driven around. Hahahaha.

Take care bro

Mior Azhar said...

Its TOTO for me! Bukan senang beb nak tunggu deme dtg sini. By then I'll be moving on from the current employment and should already be working in Cyberjaya. More the reason for me to be there...right?
(You in Malaysia until bila?)

tokasid said...

Minta laluan Pak MS.

Pak mior: you in Cyberjaya by then? Thats good. Maybe you can give a guide or simple map how to be at the venue. I've pass throuhg cyberjaya several times but still got confused with its way in and way out.

Zawi said...

This topic and the subsequent discussions on the music scene are foreign to me. Of course I can identify with the song Correct, Correct, Correct.

Zabs said...

Salam MS,
Thank you for the enlightening. However I can only follow the earlier 1/3 of your entry. The other 2/3 is foreign to me. However TA and Mior is in TOTO and GIGI with you here. So,I leave it then, to the young people to "Berdansa di Cyberjaya".

acciaccatura said...

salam MS,
alamak, i am now a guru tadika. can only be appropriate to comment on 'disney on ice' or 'barney' !

Mior Azhar said...

Mintak lalu tuan tanah,
Tokasid, Insyallah, but I'll only be moving there on March 1. Like you, Cyberjaya still confuses me... tapi nanti I'll look for it. And yes, I don't even know Cyberjaya ada lake.

Mior Azhar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Alamak! Pokai le camni...yang mana satu pilihan daku?

Nebermind, I'll forget about the fab whatever else, and try to join Doc TA and Pak Mior. Perhaps after that, all of us can stop by a Berjaya Toto shop to try a bit of luck :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'd rather stay out of this. i mean, its so obvious that the answer will be Incubus. come ooonnn...you can still catch the indon acts sometime in the near future. Gigi is a sure bet to make their return. remember dewa 19? they're coming to perform again, right?

Incubus! Incubus! Incubus!

tokasid said...

Pak MS:

One thing I noticed in Bolehland: someone will always do a similar act on the same day something big is on and they'll do it on the same day!! yers,its true.Or you would rather me say its correct,correct.correct.

When someone decide to hld a concert, suddenly another person will pom,pom,pom,pom organise another one with big names too.

Why can't they make it another weekend? can't they just make a few phne calls to arrange it. Hey if someone can make phone calls to appoint somebody to a very important psition, concerts will be like kacang putih.

Same thing with the TV stations here. When someone made a live show, another station will have that bright idea of doing something similar on the same night and at the same time!!

Cerdik tak boleh di ikut,bodoh tak boleh di ajar.Period.

Rita Ho said...

MS ... For once, I am glad to be 8,000 miles away with no decision to make. Haha!

I am mighty pissed, though, at not being able to exercise my right to vote. Postal voting is only for personnel from the armed forces, Police Field Force, election officials on duty, government officers serving overseas, students studying overseas, and spouses. Considering there are over 4 million eligible but unregistered voters at home, you would think they would be eager to reach overseas Malaysian who wants to vote. But of course, I am not making any sense on the subject. Sigh.

Tokasid ... Well-said. As an event organizer back in KL, I have lost count on the number of times we had to re-schedule and cancel major events just because some higher-ups fail to check their calendars for clashes. All end up with money down the drain and bad reputation. I guess they are still not learning. Another sigh.

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo.

I have always said you have the cut of the making of a great novelist.Should give some serious thought to it.You have the essence,the ingredients and the language.Jokes aside, I mean it.J.K.Rowlings was nobody some 12 year ago.

I hope you wouldn't miss the ToTo concert.Forget about BN landslides victory, they will still win, but they wouldn't get 2/3 this time.

Have a nice day and enjoy your shore leave.

Mat Salo said...

Sorry for being tardy in replying Mademoisseles and Messiuers but I've been tied up lately. I appreciate the comments but I've been traveling … in fact, I'm replying from a hotel room with my family down south in support of LKY's (now LSL's) economy. The reasons are manifold but part of it is my unpatriotic attitude in maintaining a salaried banking account in the Island State. They don't accuse SG for nothing . . . which has now replacedg Switzerland as the money-laundering destination of choice. But this isn't the main reason. The main reason shall be posted in a blog posting in due course.

And now for the replies proper!

Pak Dok Ta: I'm with you Sir because I haven't a clue when it comes to the Putra / Cyber conurbation. Maybe a Garmin Nuvi will do the trick. I think you've made an excellent choice with Shah and Mior because the bloody Sunburst thing costs 200 RMs a pop! Whaddya expect? 26 acts over a 12 hour period on four stages. Ini keje saper nih? I am working on a blog criticising the Razman, Razlan & Dr. Aida of doing it on this date. Agreed, Toto is the better deal.

Chegu KTN: Betui tu Chegu. On 3rd, 4th and 5th thoughts we get enough of free entertainment from Lingam Park & The Koreks with their current hit parade and also from The Three Tuns feat. Tun Carut. The hip-hop Vince & The Toto (Berjaya) is also a welcum diversion... Why bother to pay good money for foreign acts? For RM 1.20 a day of The Star we are sure to get our money's worth! Correct?

Captain DJ” Betul tu bang… mongabihkan boreh ajo. At the end of the day ALL will be forgiven. No harm done, except now everybody knows that justice can be bought. Ho-hum. Open Secret. Haven’t these people got any integrity at all?

Sis Elv: Don’t feel too bad, Sis. Just because of a few Tuns that soiled the proverbial belanga-of-milk doesn’t mean lowly practitioners like yourself could not one day also aspire to N Series and a driver. Please emulate your fellow Klantanese lawyer, the brilliant Zaid Ibrahim. Even you can aspire to get into UMNO Puteri and outshine everybody before being unceremoniously declared a persona-non-grata. Smart guys (or gals) need not apply. Only people to toe the party line.

Bro Mior: Hang nak mintak laluan Tuan Tanah no problem. When I was in primary school in the early 70s my love affair with Indonesia started early. My uncle was studying at UGM (Gadjah Mada in Djogja) then and he sent me a comic book which became my favorite. It was later made into a movie starring Farouk Afero (I think) called Tuan Tanah Kedawung. Best abih.

Shah Toto 6/49: Apa nih bro? Malam-malam kedai Toto dah tutup daa. Tak tau lak ada yang gelap punya. Reminds me of that lucky family few weeks back who hit it big on 6/49. I remember also many years ago not too far from my kampong in NS, in a place called Titi, a Chinese guy sought assistance with a Samy (not Velloo) at a temple for 'numbers'. It was for Magnum 4-D. It became a front page story on all Arus Perdana papers (even Utusan) because it was Magnum's highest payout-- 3 mil and he made another 4 on the 'black' one. Mampuih. Nak ikut ke aku nanti? :)

Bro Kerpie: Hmmm… I think you got confused here bro. It’s either Cyberjaya with ToTo or Bukit Kiara --because Incubus is on with Gigi –they’re BOTH at the same venue although the org’s site didn’t list any specific times for the 26 acts. I assume (this is gonna make an ASS out of U-M-E) the headliners would have to be Incubus, John Legend, George Clinton, Incubus, The Roots and GiGi/Tompi/Search. So it would be interesting how the organizers are going to juggle the sets. But it’s gonna piss off hell of a lot of people. You know the drummer for The Roots is considered one of the best. Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson (no typo there) has already won a Grammy some years back for Producer of The Year on Erykah’s Badu’s album. He’s also heard on some tracks by Jay-Z. So drummer kakis are gonna be torn between Simon Phillips of ToTo and him… Sheaaaattt!

Dun forget these same organizers had also brought Jose Padilla and gang before, in ’04 I think. There’s a pix of Razman and him hanging out at some joint in KL…

Bang Zawi: No worries, Sir. I hope my incessant prodding will perhaps make you open to music. I once read a rather extreme quote from the philosopher Frederich Nietze, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Ai, ini dah membawak syirik ya bang? Nauzubillaah…

Bang Zabs: I think ToTo’s music is certainly not for the young to “Berdansa di Cyberjaya” bang. It’s for the 40 and 50-somethings. The musicians are mostly your age and some are even older. Why not just spare 50 ringgit and join Pak Mior, Doc TA and Shah? Ha-ha. Just a thought..

E! Alamak kalau citer pasal guru tadika dulu the late Princess Diana pon guru tadika gak! Ha-ha, but I know deep down it’s something that appeals to you, right? Disney On Ice? Barney? He...

Rita: Appreciate your take as a one-time event organizer. The ToTo concert is part of their world tour so that’s cool. But I smell a Rat (Year of The Rat notwithstanding – Gong Xi Fa Cai to you okay?) with the KL Sunburst thing. It’s dirty and it has to do with politics. I hope to find out more and blog about it.

I too am pissed as I will be in Indo come election time. Damn right, with internet these days there’s just no excuse. I think we should be allowed to cast our votes. But there’s also something ratty about the Armed Forces and Police postal votes. I mean, come on --- they’re ALWAYS 120% for BN!

H-L! Always nice to hear a vote of confidence, Sir. Thanks and perhaps one day it shall come to fruition.

However, I have to disagree with you on this score. You said BN might not retain 2/3 rds majority. As mush as I want this to happen the gerry-mandering and the dishing of millions of taxpayers money will ensure the status quo remains. I say this because the majority of the voters know they don’t have much of a choice. For our voters is a case of “the devil you know…”. Look at the opposition these days, disorganized and in shambles—but given a chance I’ll still vote for them, just to serve notice to BN to pull up their socks.

Unfortunately I won’t be at the ToTo concert OR get to vote because almost all of February and the whole of March I’ll be away at work. But I’m making it up by catching Messrs. Copeland, Sumner and Summers tomorrow night in SG. It’s also to coincide with my 16th wedding anniversary. I hope to write a decent review later, Sir.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aiyo...sorry bang. my mistake to not read it properly. so Brandon boyd and co will be sharing the same stage with Gigi. real rockn roll explosion its gonna be.

ahmir's middle name reminds me of an african name that spells !xobile. i mean, how the heck should one to pronounce that?

galadriel said...

I'm a fan of Incognito. N I absolutely adore acid jazz. Thing is...I need some education on this jazz sub-genre.

When u coming back macha?

Sam said...

How on earth will George Clinton get into Malaysia, the country who banned Yanni because he had long hair?

Not only is banned from most major airlines due to his smell (hasn't washed in years apparently) most of his shows are undoubtably driven by copious amount of drugs he won't be able to find in KL.

Last time (only time!) I saw him, he walked on stage 4 hours later wearing nothing but an massive nappy with massive safety pin, and proceeded to rock the place. For approximately 13 hours.

If he does slip through the net, you'd all be mad not to see him, after all Incognito seem to pop up in Asia on a regular basis, and quite simply you'll have seen nothing like it!

Mat Salo said...


I missed your comment here and I really appreciate you coming!

Obviously there's not many Bolehlanders around who appreciate the antics of Mr. Clinton.

I agree... how on earth is he going to get in? I bet the organizers never thought of this since they get so much free money from taxpayers (read: the Gov't) to fool around with. I hope to do a post about this. Thanks again to care to post a comment.