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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More (Yawn) Bike Stories

My boy turned 8 yesterday, and he also came out 3rd in his term exams, so what did I do to reward him amidst this raging recession and BN's recent humiliating loss? (Is this Perak's and Kedah's "gift" to the newly-crowned First Lady?)

I bought him a scaled-down replica of former world champion Thomas Frischknecht's race machine: A Scott Scale JR 20.

The "20" means twenty inch wheels when adult-sized bikes are 24 inch. So it's a kid's bike. But a serious kid's bike armed with Revo Shifters, front and rear derailleurs,front fork with 55mm travel, the whole works.

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Eskapisminda said...

wah...another champion in the making! benchmark dah tinggi.. Top 10. Nothing less..hehe.

Mat Salo said...


Champion? The truth is I want these boys to enjoy a healthy lifestyle laa. I've got a girl who's not quite three. Yang ni betul2 "heroine" sebab ada dua abang besar. Fearless. Tak tau nak buat sport apa nanti haha.