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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mayhem in May?

BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN THE MONTHS OF MAY? But don’t just buta-buta and swallow this lock, stock and barrel. Perhaps it’s all just a bad coincidence? For a Muslim it might unnecessarily cause you to teeter on the brink of being shirik – (commit apostasy).

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Almost four decades back in 1969, a newly-cobbled Malaysia had almost came undone, a nascent nation descending into inter-ethnic chaos. Every adult born before 1965 will remember that day. I know I did, because it was the year I started school.

Twenty years later came May of 1998. Millions of Asians –Thais, Malaysians, Filipinos and Indonesians reeled from the aftermath of a financial tsunami that had landed their shores the year before. Tun M brazenly claimed it was the work of Soros the Jew. The worse to bear the brunt of it was Indonesia. Over 1300 of their citizens (need I say of Chinese descent?) were killed during the ensuing riots . Over 1300 dead my friends. That’s ten times the casualties that Malaysia experienced in 1969. But of course, you say, Indonesia has ten times the population. But to me the ratio is about the same, per capita wise.

Apart from the 1338 victims (official figures) that perished in Indonesia, thousands more, women particularly, suffered brutal sexual assault and rape. And millions of dollars worth of properties were damaged through arson and looting.

Personally for me too, May of 1998 was a very bad month. I lost faith altogether in my ability to cari makan digging holes in my own back yard. So I tendered my resignation; foregoing future EPF proceeds to parlay my fearsome digging skills in somebody else's back yard. And that was how I found myself in Jakarta a month later; laying witness to burnt houses and looted mom-and-pop stores; remnants of havoc that descended Jakarta barely weeks prior.

Okay-lah. Instead of wallowing in the past, let’s cut to the present: May of 2008.

Unless one’s head is so far buried up his or her ass, everyone knows a calamity had befallen
Burma. First, the news said it was 10,000. Of course, hard news is hard to come by from that reclusive dictatorship. Yesterday’s paper said the death toll had reached 22,000. I think you and I know the death toll is going to be a lot higher. Why? Because permission is needed first before we send aid. And while all this diplomatic ping-ponging is going on between U.N. - ASEAN and The RanGOON Regime, more and more people are going to die of associated health related problems. Or simply die of starvation and bad drinking water.

That’s why, God Bless them, there’s NGO’s like Mercy Malaysia . But is it really comforting to hear of Datuk Jemilah Mahmood’s two officers, carrying a grand total of 50 kilos of medicine? Heck, that’s about the combined weight of my family’s luggage when we travel. Now before you point an accusing finger, yes, I had done my very small part.

Besides Mercy, I am also heartened to hear of Dijaya Corporation Berhad donating RM 300, 000.00. Even Indonesia, mired in its own internal strife and troubles has pledged USD 1, 000, ooo. As I write, two TNI’s Hercules aircraft are already loaded with humanitarian aid supplies and ready for take-off pending clearance from those Ruthless Goons in RanGOON.

But that's not going to be enough, is it.

And what is Malaysia doing about it?* Do I hear our Defense Minister pledging relief?

Oh, that’s right. He’s got other things on his mind. But let’s not talk about him shall we? Because as someone dear to us found out the hard way: Talking about him or his half can certainly be hazardous to one's well being.

So . . . let’s talk about what goes on in the minds of the internet-enabled Malaysian adult population today.

The Jailing of Pete aka RPK.

Yes, RPK, the bald, bespectacled crusader who refuses to post bail, opting prison over freedom on a point of principle. Already someone has accused him of showboating.

RPK has garnered more press and internet hits than stories of the impending humanitarian disaster up north.

So I'm not going to bore you. I too am outraged that RPK lays languishing in a Sungai Buloh jail, refusing food, refusing to see even his wife. He chose jail over bail; fancying himself a human ticking 'time bomb' ready to 'detonate' come early October. Boy oh boy, aren't we all just dying to know what goes on in that noggin of his...

And he's got us ordinary folks eating out if his hands. We are held spellbound at his sheer heroics and one may wonder; is that coming from the Welsh side --or the Bugis ? It may be worth pointing out that the so-called aggrieved party is also of Bugis descent. But has our Premier-in-Waiting shown any heroics lately? Take a good close look at recent photos of him in the mainstream media. What comes to mind? How does he look to you?

I think you have already answered the question.

I just want to put things in perspective in this Mayhem Month of May, that’s all.

Notate Bene

But some good things do happen in May, too. In 2006, after fourteen years of ups and downs (depends on who you talk to) my wife and I were finally blessed with a girl. She turns two next week and I’m just dying to hear her call me Papa. Sadly, Papa is away in some internet-enabled godforsaken swamp, somewhere in Borneo.

Happy Birthday, my Princess. Bad things happen May? No, of course not, And I hadn't meant you, Princess. You are the exception to everything including this stupid article. In fact you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. And your mother too. And I love you so, so very much.

*Two nights ago I clinked chilled glasses with Captain G---, Commander of RMN's
Newport class tank landing ship, the K.D. 1505 Sri Indera Pura. Built by the US Navy in the early seventies (ex-LST 1192 USS Spartanburg County), the amphibious assault craft berthed in Balikpapan while en route from Auckland to Lumut. Captain G--- commands some 300 officers and enlisted men (and women --including two tudung-clad recruits). Over some amber colored liquids I said to him: If I were the Defense Minister, I'd be sending this ship to Burma immediately after docking in Lumut. It would be the right thing to do. Send aid. He just looked at me, eyes pleading. He's been sailing for two months already. He needs to bring this ship back to port. I know what it's like. So I bought him another round.

After causing untold grief to Iraqis in 1991's Operation Desert Storm, the United States Navy had decommissioned this warship before selling it to RMN. Yes, this ship certainly has blood on its hands. As taxpayers who 'bought' the ship, I too am guilty of aiding and abetting, and have blood on my hands. But what about you?

[This just came in: Pete has met his wife and agreed to post bail.]


Anonymous said...

salam mat salo,
afifah was born in may 1999. she left in may 2006.hmm...remembering afifah.

Mat Salo said...

Wa'alaukum salaam, E. How ironic, the worse days of one's life can be some else's happiest. Sorry, E. Now that I know, I shall remember her.

My daughter was born the 16th. What date in May did yours leave us?

Zawi said...

Too many pertinent point mentioned in this blog of yours so I will just impress you in this point that at the present moement being located in the swampyland in Balikpapan is still better than being in the shoes of a certain DPM in Bolehland.
Happy birthday to your princess.

jaflam said...

Salam MS,
It’s nice to hear from you whether it’s good or bad news.

May your princess be always in the blessing and happiness of Allah.

Things are moving slowly to Yangon due to the red tape created by the rulers there. Malaysian is doing the needful with efforts from Mercys, PETRONAS, PAS Voluntary Arms etc. Hope the Government will send our SMART Team and SAR Forces soon. We must remember that the same thing could happen to our country in the future.... the hand that gives is a thousand times better then that received.

Our prayer goes to the hundreds thousands of death and suffering souls in Yangon.

Sesungguhnya kasih sayang Allah kepada hambanya amatlah tinggi begitu juga balasan Allah kepada yang melanggar hukumnya amatlah dasyat. Semoga kita di Jumaat yang mulia ini senantiasa dalam ehsan, hidayah dan kasih sayang Allah.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


May seem to be good for me....

Will be there again end of the month. Hope you are around.


BaitiBadarudin said...

My late Mum left us in the month of May 2004, May Allah Bless her soul

Kata Tak Nak said...

Son born 3rd May. Father died 22 May, brother died 23 May. I was born on one of these days.

Pi Bani said...

May day! May day!

I was born in May too. Public holiday some more!! Good lah kan?

IBU said...

May?! In my co, that's the month bonus is paid... yeayyy.... tapi for me, the amount dah spent even b4 I got it lahhh...har!har!har!

Happy Bday to your princess!

p/s Few weeks ago, SIGS beat STF in school band competition. Chehh!!!

ewoon said...

Got blood on my hands, too.

Swampman feeling angst and melancholic at the same time is a perfect recipe for a 'thriller.'

Enjoyed this piece tremendously but still awaiting Part II of "22 hours: Surabaya."

It's your debt to me for causing me one night's sleep, remember?

Take care, bro. Find time to be with 'princess' more.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam abg mat...

Great to hear you are okay (i noted from the tone of your writing la...)

Your princess was born on 16th May? My adam's birthday is on the 17th May...my sis too on that date, my dad 10th may, my SIL 7th may....

happy birthday to ur princess and hope to have u around when Che'gu is coming down (may also kan?) to KL...

God bless you bro and take care ya..

Anonymous said...

Don't forget May 15th 1948..the fall of Palestine.

Daphne Ling said...

Happy Birthday to the Princess of MS! Awww, she's a sweet one, I remember from the older posts!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

boss, the pride of the nation; Mercy Malaysia and SMART. yea man, whatever may come, flash floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc...they're there risking their own lives. i'm so proud for them. eh, in fact malaysians are generous lot. they all come out in drove to chip in. these are the silent heroes who deserve a better leadership...ahh...

* thanks for enlighting us with this good entry, as usual. mayham in May, disastrous december...terrifying to even think about it.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Mat Salo, sorry for being late. Was away in a nice apt but without internet connection. sigh. Anyways, Happy Belated 2nd Birthday to your Princess!

J.T. said...


Happy Belated Birthday to Alesya Michelle.

Regarding the former USN amphibious assault craft, now owned by RMN, I say the blood is not on my hands (eventhough I was still working in Malaysia that time and paying taxes.) :P
If certain authorities (cannot mention names) buy second hand stuff, we cannot avoid having some kind of history attached to it - bloody or not. :)
Then again, even is something brand new is bought, what guarantees do we have that .... never mind. I better not say too much. :P

mekyam said...

Hi MS,

Happy 2nd Birthday to your petite MayBelle!

As for this whole thing about having blood on your hands, perhaps you may have something there. If we go by the maxim that "all men are brothers," then you males are all guilty of fraticide over the ages.

I'm with Jacqui in distancing the sisterhood from all the male fondness for bloodspilling. ;D