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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Your Own Special Way

Requiem For Dalilah

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness to hear Dalilah mourn the loss of her mother-in-law, Allahyarhamah Mahyar Binti Ismail, who was called to Allah S.W.T. in Johor Bahru sometime last Saturday afternoon, 14 July 2007.

I would like to extend my Takziah and condolences to her husband Mambang Hijau, and may God give both wife and husband strength to weather the storms ahead.

I am particularly fond of Dalilah; for God has "tested" her more. More than other lesser mortals like the rest of us, for sure. Dalilah has battled cancer, undergone mastectomy and faced other heart-wrenching moments in the course of treatment and in her personal life as well.

If there is any thing I learned in the blogosphere, is that it is entirely possible to feel emphaty, and share someone else's pain.

The blogosphere, in the Malaysian experience at least, has brought to the mainstream other strong women who have decided to blog, and thus share their experiences with us.

Recent bloggers like Miss Yvonne Foong, who opened our eyes to the extremely rare and incurable genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis (NF) Type 2, comes to mind. For that we have Blogger Zorro (or Unker Bernard as I like to call him) to thank for bringing Yvonne to us.

Female bloggers like Pi Bani, Yvonne, E a.k.a. Acciaccatura, Daphne Ling - and of course - Dalilah Raden Galoh, are at the forefront - often sharing and highlighting other unfortunate souls that needs attention and assistance. Needless to say, if not for these bloggers, we will never know of the plights of these other unfortunates.

I take my hat off to these strong women, who, in the face of their own adversity, find it in themselves to help others.

A modern parable, and a lesson to us all.

Thank you my sisters, for touching our lives.

And in your own special way, make this cruel wide world, a better place for us all.

Go far enough and you will reach
A place where the sea runs underneath
We'll see our shadow, high in the sky
Dying away in the night...

I've sailed the world for seven years
And left all I love behind in tears
Oh, won't you come here, wherever you are
I've been all alone long enough...


You, you have your own special way
Of holding my hand
keep it way 'bove the water
Don't ever let go - Oh no, no, no

You, you have your own special way
Of turning the world so it's facing
The way that I'm going.

Don't ever.. Don't ever stop...

Whose seen the wind not you or I?
But when the ship moves she's passing by
Between you and me, I really don't think
She knows where she's going at all...

You, you have your own special way
Of carrying me twice round the world
Never closer to home than the day
The day I started...You

You have your own special way
Hold onto my hand keep it way 'bove the water
Don't ever let go no, no, no...

What mean the dreams night after night?
The man in the moon's a blinding light
Won't you come out whoever you are
You've followed me quiet long enough...

You, you have your own special way,
Of holding my hand,
Don't ever let go

You, you have your own special way,
Of turning the world so it's facing
The way that I'm going,

Don't ever,

Don't ever leave me...

Words/Music: M.Rutherford
Vocals: P.Collins

from Genesis' "Wind & Wuthering" (1977)
©Hit & Run Music (Banks/Collins/Hackett/Rutherford)


J.T. said...

Deepest condolences to Dalilah and her family. May her mother-in-law rest in peace.

I have to thank the female bloggers you mentioned for they have definitely become an inspiration to me.

Mat Salo said...

Yes JT, they certainly have inspired us all.

Yes, Al-Fatehah to Makcik Maryah...

QueenB said...


The Ancient Mariner said...

Salam takziah to Dalilah and family. Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas roh Allahyarhamah.

al Fatihah.

Rajahram Ramalingam said...

My condolences to Dalilah and her family.

elviza said...

AL fathehah to Raden's mom in law. Condolences to her and mambang hijau.

My heart felt appreciation to all my sister bloggers.

My sincerest thank you for you Brother, for highlighting it.

tokasid said...

Salam bro matsalo:

I knew about it from che'gu blog. Over the weekend I was a bit busy and didn't have a chance to go near any computer.

At least Raden,Mambang Hijau and Mak Mahyar's family had anticipated this due to her worsening condition. And Alhamdulillah arwah Mak Mahyar doesn't have to stand the pain much more.

InsyaALLAh ALLAh will bless har with His Rahmat and made her part of those who will receive Syafaat from Nabi s.a.w. Ameen.

IRLAN said...

To dalilah & husband... my condolences for your loss.

to dalillah's husband. Sorry that you were named 'mambang hijau'.

jaflam said...

To Dalillah & family ... takziah dari saya.

Takziah dan Al fatehah juga kepada 6 Pegawai TUDM yan terkorban akibat nahas Nuri.

After five days of search they finally found them. How I wish they could have found them earlier. How I wish they will replaced the old Nuri and improved their Search & Rescue equipment.


takziah to dalilah and mambang hijau.
Al Fatehah

mekyam said...

Al-Fatihah to Raden's mom-in-law and salam takziah to their families.

Mat Salo, yours is such a lovely tribute to all the admirable women bloggers that have become our daily stops. I'd like to echo every word.

Apandi said...


Mat Salo said...

Friends.. Assalamua'laikum & Good Day..

Appreciate your leaving words of comfort, takziah and condolences to our sister RG, in times of her sorrow in my blog here.

It means a lot to her and Mambang Hijau.

To each and everyone.. Thank You.

Raden Galoh said...

Dear All Fellow Friends who dropped by and left kind wishes and condolences in this blog... On behalf of MambangHijau and his family, I would like to thank you all for the support given. Jazakallah and thank you so much. May Allah return your kind do'a and prayers with His blessings and protection in your lives.

Indeed it is sadnes that blanket us now but at the same time, we are grateful that Mak Mahyar's physical endurance and suffering has stopped.

To Mat Salo, thank you for blogging about it. You've put this news in the best way I could have imagined. Reading the condolences, brought back tears into my eyes. Insya'allah will blog about it today. And I really apprecite yourthoughtfulness in thinking that I'm such a person. My fellow friends coming from far, near and the cyber are part of the catalyst that make me into who I am today...

Irlan...just to let you know, my husband is nicknamed MambangHijau because Mambang in Javanesse is Lover and Hijau is alwasy my favourite colour...MambangHijau is my lover so please don't be or feel sorry about it...MH loves the nickname too...

Salam to all and again, thank you.

zorro said...

Hey my Swamp Man. I extend like-sympathies to the bereaved. From valiant disadvantaged like these we can draw innner strength and good chi. We will continue to walk with them....step for step....different strides perchance, but nevertheless side by side...though we aint got a barrel of money, but we'll travel along....(singing our song)....side by side.

Nak Tak Nak said...

She is one special lady, very strong. I have told her that. I think I would have crumbled. She is one special lady and we men have a lot to learn from her.

Daphne Ling said...

Dear Mat Salo,
Firstly, thanks for the mention...I am honoured...
I really must add you to my blogroll; wait ah, when the horrible wireless allows me to access my settings (always page not found!), I will do it! Kalau tak, must tunggu balik rumah first *Sad!*...
Secondly, although I've already wished Aunty Dalilah, I'll wish her again: Condolences to her and Mambang Hijau for the passing of Mak...
Thirdly, can call you Uncle ah?