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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hal Politikus


“Shit, Dang . . .” I just can’t believe it.

How the hell did he get here?

The ‘he’ I’m talking about is none other than kickdefella– blogger extraordinaire, film director, political commentator, social satirist - and if I may, grand-nephew of the current CM of Kelantan. What a resume, huh.

What I couldn’t believe was - ‘sheih’ as he calls himself, had a paid a visit to my blog and left a comment. Man, in the realm of Bolehsian blogosphere, I’m just one of the many, many, many anonymous bloggers out there. In the normal course of things, my site is visited by some former classmates and close associates and only when I implore them to. Don’t even ask why I bother to do it, because frankly, I don’t even know. Maybe because it’s free, and if there’s an internet connection than there’s a will.

But for ‘sheih’ to come waltzing in, well indeed it was a surprise, albeit a very pleasant one. This guy probably gets tens of thousands of ‘hits’ per day mind you, but still has the time to scour the net for some obscure blogger (humble me?) thoughts. I’m still scratching my head, because I have never posted a comment on his blog, but have mentioned him somewhere in one of my articles. But even if one were to Google for one’s own name, especially someone as famous as he – he’d surely have to sift through thousands of potential sites to come to mine. Hmmm.

In the event, I was flattered that my story moved him. Not only that, he even linked mine to his. Now I’m really going to get creamed – because I noticed on my ‘sitemeter’ that the ‘hits’ have come in, mainly directed from his site. Hmmm.

Thanks for dropping by sheih. And I hope you find what you’re looking for in Kelantan, for I know a mother there might be very pleased indeed.

Hey, mung nok masuk tanding gok ke? (Chuckles . . . internet rumors saper ni weh?)

* * *

RR - the Pot calling the Kettle black.

RR made the news (well actually, as an editor of the pseudo-Government of Bolehsia broadsheet, the Enesty – he is the one making the news these days) recently by suggesting that internet bloggers are a bunch of semi-literate, rumor-mongering shitheads. At least that’s what the editorial reprimand felt like, if you’re an internet blogger like me. Be that as it may, once upon a time as a Budak Kolek, I had only utmost and profound respect for this ‘super-senior’ of mine, a wordsmith of the highest order.

Well, not any more. I had even bought a book of his once, detailing his ‘self-imposed’ exile from Bolehsia. To refresh you a bit, this MM contemporary (some say they were once more than just friends?) was a high-flying scribe until ‘Ops Lallang’ came along. Then he went on to Hong Kong and London as a luminary foreign correspondent with London broadsheets and premier magazines. After Doc M won by the skin of his teeth in '87, and the Star came to life again, all was forgiven. Journalists and opposition politicians were released from ISA detention to the bosom of their families. Some years later, the prodigal son came home, published a book about his ‘exile’, and started a new life.

Then Brendan Pereira (some had allusions of him being a Kiasulander ‘operative’, along with K Mullah MH) had created a booboo in his Enesty column by allegedly committing the crime of plagiarism. So he was given the boot, and in stepped our hero RR.

One Bolehsian Member of Parliament (of Whores – to borrow a phrase from PJ O ‘Rourke’s excellent satirical insight into the workings of the US government – buy it!) and Minister, a born-again Tengku, fired the first salvo. Essentially what he said was, 80 percent of the bloggers are women, housewives who like nothing better than to create rumors. A furor of the highest order was thus established. And who better to drive the proverbial nail in the coffin but RR?

It didn't help that a Deputy Minister called Fu Manchu said he was not averse to calling Bolehsia's major newspaper editors to 'scold' them when the news didn't favor the government's version.

So now you have it. We have a Deputy Minister running the newspapers in Bolehsia.

And to RR, what exactly happened to you, sir? Does the term ‘turncoat’ mean anything to you? Even your once erstwhile colleague MM is against you. Can money, wealth (I heard you drive a Porsche) and political favors change a person?


Apandi said...

Now, now, getting a wee bit too political are we ? Careful there. AA and BB saying things about CC can also be construed as slander by DD through the manipulation of the all too mighty instrument of law in the country of EE. Crap, I tell you all crap.

suhaimi sulaiman said...


Love your blog dude.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! let's get back to those Balikpapan's ABG, shall we?

Jamal said...

MS, don't bother those politicians & whatever they say......it ain't worth a single sen!

Sheih said...

Dear Brother,

I'm just back from the Blogger's Mee Rebus session in Petaling Jaya Section 14. If ever you in KL on any tuesday, just drop by at the place called section 14. Today Clark Gable, Zorro, I Am A Malaysian, Big Dog, Rocky and Nuraina where there too.

Nope bro, nothing political about the meeting. It is just about getting to know each other and share some silly experiences in our life which we do not dare to share it on our blog.

I came across your blogs about two months ago. I did a follow up after reading your posting about rv with your dad. He he.

Yup, hoping everything go through and I managed to be back in Kelantan soon.

See ya.


Penarik Beca said...


Going through your blog, Bro, i feel so small. Smaller than smallest, in fact.

Qualitywise, mine is terrible. Dont even dare to compare.

This morning, why i'm asking myself...

awat la hang pun gatai nak memblog jugak, bakaq oi!!?!

Anonymous said...

yes let's do more abg sorties...

d real anon

kak maria said...

Sheih, thanx for promoting my mee rebus here.

And hello to you bro. Nice blog.

Mat Salo said...

Hehe.. tq's Sue Launch, Cap, Doc 4 da koments and appreciation...

Hoi! u 2 anons rekues citer 'ABG's - bahaya weh, kena buat research I scared terjebak nanti I bekam OTG/TSD (Org Tua Gede/Tak Sadar Diri) then oni know...

Kak Maria, tq 4 yr kind words, actually I hv been 2 yr place b4 even Bloggers Utd was born.. nanti citer..

Sheih, tq bro...God Willing bisa gue dapat dapat otograf anda nanti di restoran Kak Maria? Hehe...

Trishawman... wah, since sheih war2 ambo, hang pulak dah terpedaya... tks, luv yr take on AM's'20 September' tuh. Couldn;t agree more...hang ni truly are a political/social analyst par excellence!

Apandi said...

Err, kedai Kak Maria ni kat mana exactly ? Is it the one yang dalam Jaya Seksyen 14 tu ? Am always on the lookout for good food... Ko balik nanti jom pegi.


mat salo,

hi! thank you for visiting at TWB. I was with my sister, Kak Maria just this morning. She asked me to go to yr blog. she said she left a comment here.
I told her I was going to anyway because you had left a comment in mine.
So, here I am, checking you out.
Yes, you must be Kamal's contemporary. Because he is 45 too. And to me, he is still 16.

Anyway, Kak Maria (we call her Kak Ton, at home) was right. You do write well.

Bye... and keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

Saw the picture of your grandma in your previous post. When was that?
And is 'Berok' si 'Burok'? He used to carry me and my sis around long, long time ago. Not up the coconut trees though! But he still remembers us when I last saw him in Lenggeng couple of years back.


A Voice said...

So you love little feat?

I bet you love Dixie CHicken ... I am playing it now while surfing the blogs.:-)

Lets reciprocate blogroll.

Anon Fm. Miri said...

Hi there,

Sorry for late reply. Thanks for dropping by. For your question about me you can find it here. I'm still young in the heart. Just an infant in blogging.


galadriel said...

hi fellow blogger,

That chance reference of yours to PJ O'Rourke's Parliament of Whores triggered my memory. I absolutely loved that book, and it was an apt description of the bottom dwelling creatures and the place they inhabit.

I love your writing. Keep on blogging. And oh...Rehman is a sorry ass, albeit an articulate one.